Fun Krakow!

There are lots of fun and amusing activities people can do in Krakow.

Krakow like Warsaw, has artistic and adventurous side for young, couples, children & elderly tourists as well.


Stary Theater

Remodeled many times over the ages, the Stary Teatr (Old Theatre) is indeed the oldest theatre in Poland, the fourth after Warsaw, Lublin and Lviv. During historical turmoil the Stary remained a hub for Polish culture, staging not only the best of Polish literature adaptations, but European as well. Today, two trends determine the repertory of the Stary Theatre: the reflection on the contemporary drama and theatre (as part of the [email protected] festival), and reinterpretations of classics (under the umbrella of the re_wizje festival).

Royal Chamber Orchestra

Concerts performed seven days a week at St. Adalbert’s church, the oldest church in on Krakow, by four graduates of the Krakow Academy of Music.

Slowacki Theatre

Named after the great Romantic playwright Juliusz Slowacki, this baroque-style theater was built in 1892 and continues to feature regular performances of plays and operas.

Groteska Theatre

Grotesque Theatre in Krakow is one of the oldest and most renowned puppet theaters in Poland. The theater was founded in 1945 by prominent theater artists Zofia and Wladyslaw Jaremów – directors, theater directors, the pioneers of modern thinking about the art of puppet and plastic shows in postwar Poland.
The theater is currently working many great directors, set designers and composers of Polish and foreign. Grotesque is of great interest and turnout of spectators. Theater now plays about 450 shows a year that sees nearly 100,000 viewers.

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Below are random activities among Krakow

Lovers Bridge

It’s spread over the Vistuala River between Kazimierz Quarter and Podgorze Quarter and the whole bridge is picking up on the love lock trend that is widespread over many countries.

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Krakow Zoo

Krakow Zoo’s 17 hectares (42 acres) accommodate more than 1,400 animals. Its most prized residents include herds of pygmy hippopotamus and Przewalski horses, Somali wild ass, Pere David’s deer, barasingha, South American tapir, white camel, South American sea lions, several species of wild cats and rare antelopes such as addax, eastern bongo and waterbuck.

Aquarium and Museum of Natural History

Monkeys, crocodiles, deadly snakes, frogs, turtles, black widows and fish – all in one unassuming terrace house. Non-touristy, centrally located and with a lax approach to health and safety – truly an undiscovered gem!

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Park Wodny

Fun for the whole family: sauna, water massage, Jacuzzi, climbing walls and 800 meters (2,624 feet) of twisting slides.

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Pink Bowling & Club

Pink Bowling & Club is the Biggest Entertainment Area in Cracow. Attractions: 16-lane bowling alley, billiards area with 15 tables, fully stocked bar where you can order drinks and alcoholic beverages, salty snacks and pizzas. The club has also a video games area, darts, Children’s Playground, 300 seats, WiFi, dancefloor and access to free car parking.

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Go-karts Arena Elikart M

Now Krakow with a new track for karts. Elikart M is not only entertainment but also professional training at the fastest karts. SODI karts for kids 4Kids – 4.5 hp SODI Karts Training – 6.5 hp SODI Karts Sport GT – 9km Individual and group training. It’s bookable the whole track as well as individual journeys. Parking for cars, a buffet with coffee and the trained staff of the track are available. The track is open 7 days a week.

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Laser Arena

Laser Arena is a first place in Cracow where you can play Laser Tag. Arena is located in the mysterious underground of Hotel Forum, with an atmosphere reminding of the world known from computer games like Kill zone. A great alternative for classic paintball – with no bruises or colored stains included! Armed with gun that changes shooting modes from shotgun to antitank, be prepared for an unexpected attack of the opponent hiding behind every corner.

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Bungee Jumping Krakow

BUNGEE JUMPING KRAKOW – THE HIGHEST BUNGEE JUMPING PLACE IN POLAND, 90 METERS! A rush of adrenaline, beautiful view on the city, great memories. This is what we can offer you, additionally; you can have photos and a movie from a GoPro HD camera, mounted in your hand. There is no such place in a whole city, make it an obligatory point in your trip! We offer single jumps in price of 130 zl a jump for two people at one time is 230zl. Photos + GoPro movie cost 45 zl in total. You don’t need to worry about safety – it’s the safest extreme sport, if there is high quality equipment used and experienced instructors are present – that’s what we do in Bungee Jumping Krakow! SEE YOU THERE!

Grotgun Shooting Range

Shooting Range; Gun experience, Kalashnikov (ak47), Glock, Shotgun and machine gun.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is a real life escape game – a logic adventure in the heart of Krakow. A team of 2-4 players chooses one of the rooms full of riddles – the challenge is to escape the room in 50 minutes. Brainstorm, find clues… accept the challenge and prove yourself!

Lost Souls Alley

Explore the dark face of the city. Take the challenge and let yourself feel the fear, which has never been so real. Visit rooms haunted by lost souls, and be sure that you will remember forever things which are hidden at the cursed floor at Florianska 6.LOST SOULS ALLEY Poland’s first interactive museum devoted to the basic instinct of fear (Cost 15 PLN/person).

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Fun & Exploring Tours

Tram Party by Gmoods

Jump on board and let us take you for the craziest ride through Krakow you could ever imagine! Tram Party is a unique experience you certainly won’t find in your own country! You can hire our creative, passionate party crew to organize a birthday, hen or stag party (or any other party you can think of). With over 300 tram parties carried out so far Gmoods crew surely knows how to rock the city and deliver unforgettable experiences. Your friends will just say: Unbelievable! It is your chance to stand out of the crowd and feel like a VIP while looking at the amazed faces of by-passers gasping in amazement on you and your friends raving on the wildest tram board ever seen!

Tram Party by Gmoods

Tram Party by Gmoods

Urban Adventures Krakow

Get a local history lesson on Krakow with a local guide
Take panoramic photos from the top of Wawel Hill
Uncover Polish history at the Royal Castle and Cathedral
See where beloved Pope John Paul II attended university
Visit the largest medieval square in Europe
Snack on some ‘obwarzanek’ – a traditional bread that has come to symbolize Krakow – Private Tours

KrakowTrip offers you an airport transfers & the Auschwitz & Salt Mine Tours. We provide “door to door” service. KrakowTrip also offers you professional personal transport services for individual tourists and groups. Enjoy and have fun with us in Krakow.

Krakow Tours – Private Tours

Krakow Tours are an English company providing quality, personalized tours to the major sites in and around Krakow, using English speaking guides. We specialize in Auschwitz/Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine tours, we are highly recommended for our combined 1 day tour. We also offer many other interesting trips that are off the usual tourist trail.


Krakow Free Walking Tour

It’s a very nice introductory tour, covering both the old town and the Jewish quarter.


The Clock Tower Pub Crawl

Come and join the cheapest Pub Crawl in Royal Town Krakow!!!
Meeting point – Clock Tower, Main Market Square @ 9pm
For only 55 PLN you get:
– one hour of UNLIMITED beer and vodka shots
– shisha / hookah pipe
– free entrance to each bar/pub/club
– welcome shots at each bar/pub/club
– UNFORGETTABLE night out in the Royal Company

Eat Krakow Food & Vodka Tours

The food tour gives you an opportunity to taste fantastic Polish dishes and hear the stories behind them. You will learn why Poles ferment everything, why they sometimes long for food produced in the 70’s, why you can’t trust the invitation „for a cup of coffee.” You will visit 4-5 establishments, so be prepared for a full meal (and a dessert, of course). The tour is daily!


Cloth Hall

Considered the world’s oldest shopping mall, the present Renaissance structure dates from 1555 and features in its interior many food stalls and small shops, terrace cafes and flower stands that surround the statue of Adam Mickiewicz.

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 Galeria Krakowska Mall

A large shopping mall with a good mix of affordable and expensive shops. There’s a food court on the top level, you’ll want to avoid that around dinnertime as it is really crammed in those hours.

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Galeria Kazimierz Mall

Looking for inspiration for the new season?
Welcome to Galeria Kazimierz – a unique atmosphere and a wide range of 130 stores is the basis of successful shopping.
Later, waiting for you a moment of relaxation in the cinema or one of our many restaurants and cafes.

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Bonarka City Center

Bonarka City Center is home to 91,000 square meters of retail space with 270 shops including Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Komputronik and 267 others, 25 restaurants and cafes, the largest cinema complex in the city and 3,200 free parking spaces.

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Szambelan shop

It’s a great little shop near the main square where you can try an amazing selection of homemade flavored vodkas.

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The Candy Shop Krakow

The Candy Shop Krakow is the only Traditional Sweetshop in Krakow. We have in stock over 400 of the highest quality sweets, British Toffees, Gourmet Jelly Beans, American Candy, Handmade Lollipops and Irish fudge; Situated in a beautiful courtyard just off of Florianska 40. Drop in and say hi whenever you are passing by. Or better yet come and try some free sweets.

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Cracow Handmade Chocolate

It’s a live chocolate show, coffee-shop, handmade chocolate.

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