Night clubs


Alchemia has become something of a flagship in the gritty club world of Kazimierz. Packed to the rafters almost every evening, this place is more than just a pub/club – it has become a genuine place of meeting and partying for the Kazimierz crowd. Overflowing into several rooms, Alchemia is strikingly decorated with old paintings and furniture, but utterly without pretense.

Black Gallery Pub

It has Karaoke night every Thursdays and Sundays & Live music on Wednesdays. If you’ve tried and got tired of the more obvious bars and clubs in the Old Town centre, then head off the Main Square, past the Maly Rynek (Little Square) and along Mikolajska Street in search of a legend. The majority of Black Gallery lies underground in a 12th century cellar – close examination of the stone walls reveals traces of medieval sculptures – and is constructed in a labyrinthine manner with steel staircases and scaffolding structures enhancing its otherworldly nature. This is a late night place with a style that sets it apart from the rest.

Wodka Cafe Bar

A tiny little vodka bar in the city center – with a helpful bartender, reasonable prices and lots of vodka drinks to choose from. Many people know about this place so it can get crowded at times but that just adds to the atmosphere.

House of Beer

It’s a Fantastic friendly atmosphere & very cheap.


Zielona Kuchnia

We care for your health and carefully choose the ingredients for the dishes we prepare for you. Here at ZIELONA KUCHNIA you will find only the green cuisine, just as our name suggests. We only serve the finest selection of vegetables, fruit, organic meat, grain products and so much more. Our location may be new but the building itself, right on the courtyard of the council house nr 8, is over 100 years old. We were simply charmed by the wonderful atmosphere, the beauty and the long history of this place. After the First World War a local print shop was open here for years, and all of Chopin’s works were printed here for the first time in history. Today it is a great place for having a cozy get-together and enjoying yourself in great company.

Trezo Restaurant

Great food, selection, service, modern decor and very good prices! LIVE MUSIC; Located in the heart of Kazimierz.

Zazie Bistro

It’s an excellent restaurant with very good food and wines. It’s better to make a reservation because usually it is full during the weekends. Nice place to have a romantic couple dinner French style.



It’s a place nobody leaves hungry. The burgers are huge made from real beef and at a reasonable price (less than 50 PLN for two people).

Bar Italiano – Pizzeria

Bar Italiano is a traditional ITALIAN PIZZERIA owned by Italians. We are specialized in pizzas using our original thin crust recipe and fresh, high quality ingredients. We are also delighted to offer you an interesting mix of Italian starters freshly prepared for each guest, selected wines, rare beers and contemporary cocktails. Bar Italiano gives you a variety of Italian coffees based on Neapolitan Caffe Kimbo. In our pizzeria we provide personable service in polish, English, Italian and French.

Cupcake Corner Bakery

It’s an authentic American Bakery making cupcakes & muffins and brewing coffee with the utmost care. We start out with only the finest and freshest ingredients from Madagascar vanilla beans to local produce. Our treats are baked daily so that our customers can enjoy them as fresh as possible. We are the first authentic American bakery in Poland that specializes in cupcakes and jumbo muffins using original recipes that have been tested for many years.